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Kevin Knapp, Realtor/Broker /Owner Call/Text 406-871-7200 Email - kevin@soldbycrown.com

Kevin Knapp is the Broker/Owner of Crown Real Estate Group and has made it his mission to create an Exceptional Experiences across the Real Estate Industry with Clients and Agents alike. His goal is to stay on the for front of the industry to keep Clients educated, well informed on the process of Investing in property, or buying and selling homes. He enjoys mentoring and coaching those in and out of the real estate industry to create the lives we truly are meant to live. When he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors and on the water. 

Blake Lockwood, Realtor  Call/Text 406-270-4391 Email - blake@soldbycrown.com 

Damon Butters, Realtor Call/Text 406-260-0096 Email - damon@soldbycrown.com

Matt Smith, Realtor Call/Text 406-471-5430 Email - matt@soldbycrown.com

Jeff Hanson, Realtor Call/Text 406-407-2575 Email - jeff@soldbycrown.com

Angie Woodring, Realtor Call/Text 406-249-5103 Email - angie@soldbycrown.com

Jessica Sickler, Realtor Call/Text 406-261-2935 Email - jessica@soldbycrown.com

Jason Appling, Realtor Call/Text 406-871-3551 Email - jason@soldbycrown.com

Lilian Langston, Realtor Call/Text 406-861-9773 Email - lilian@soldbycrown.com

Jake Mayer, Realtor Call/Text 406-607-5066 Email jake@soldbycrown.com

Amanda Kelley, Realtor Call/Text 406-407-3989 Email - amanda@soldbycrown.com

Summer Laven, Realtor Call/Text 406-407-0271 Email - summer@soldbycrown.com

Jessica Von Schledorn, Realtor Call/Text 406-249-0653 Email - jessicavon@soldbycrown.com