What Site Are You Using to Look At Real Estate?

January 11, 2018

What Site Are You Using to Look At Real Estate?

Look I get it you want to find a home and you go to google. So you type in houses for sale in your area and boom Zillow pops up and you start to search.  However if you knew there was  way better sites out there would you use them?  

All you have to do is go to google type in Zillow Reviews and you will see this.

Top 317 Reviews and Complaints about Zillow.com

www.consumeraffairs.com› Homeowners

 Rating: 1.4 - ‎142 votes

Looking for a real estate website? Read reviews and complaints about Zillow, including millions of listings, resources, account features and more.

A 1.4 Start Average out of 5 Stars ???  What ?  That’s correct.  They have been known to have a vast amount of inaccurate information.  

So What do you do.  Find a Site you Like for Example www.SoldByCrown.com something that has a search area and also has educational material for you to make the best decision possible.  Usually your local MLS has a Website that displays ALL the properties for sale.   

With so much information out there today it’s no wonder why we believe everything we read.  So my suggestion Get a Great Realtor to help you navigate the Real Estate world.You will have a representative that will look out for your best interest.  

If you have any question please feel free to reach out to me or my team anytime.  We are here to serve and support our community.   

Kevin Knapp / Broker / Owner 

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